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  1. Assistance in handling of trade finance and bank loan
  2. Source : almanac of china ' s finance and banking and the people ' s bank of china
    资料来源: 《中国金融年鉴》及中国人民银行。
  3. The transplacement problem of medium and small - sized enterprises ' financing and bank loans
  4. The inspiration of the foreign developing policies of finance and banking to the western development of china
  5. Obviously that the competition and cooperation in the retail finance and banking sector will be aggravated
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  7. Accounting , advertising and legal services , finance and banking , manufacturing , transport and related services
  8. More than 2 years related experience , responsible , with financing and bank credit experience is preferred
  9. The history of intermediary business is also the history of development of products , tools and technique innovations on finance and banking
  10. The program aims to teach students in higher education the fundamentals of finance and banking , as well as helping to develop future leaders to understand complex financial issues
  11. The program aims to teach students in higher education the fundamentals of finance and banking , as well as help develop future leaders who are better equipped to understand complex financial issues
  12. Under the planned economy , the financing are mainly supplied by the public finance and banks , and the results are the poor performance of the operation and the formation of bad assets in banks
  13. With repaid changes related to world globalization , computerization , and finance and with the goal of making taiwan the operational center of finance and banking in the asia - pacific region , this institution established its department of finance in 2000
  14. It is important not only for the reform of system of investment and financing and banking system , but also for the reform of enterprise system ( including the reform of state - owned enterprise ) and the establishment of modern corporation
  15. The marketization of interest rate is an important link of improving the market - oriented degree of finance of our country . as reform in other fields , the reform of interest rate marketization in finance and banking includes enormous opportunity and risk
  16. For five months , mufson , a 30 - year veteran of the retail business , read hundreds of library articles on e - commerce , spoke to friends and associates in the apparel business , conferred with colleagues in finance and banking , and read the latest news about internet marketing and sales
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