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  1. Journal of beijing institute of finance and commerce management
  2. Horizon hotel , yunnan is located in forever spring city - kunming , which is the center of finance and commerce
  3. This international city is a global center for finance and commerce , and has recovered after years of difficulty
  4. Novotel xinhua wuhan hotel is designed by five - star standard and opened from 28th september , 2002 located in the finance and commerce center of hankou . ajoined with the new world department store
  5. Wuhua hotel is the four - star foreign deluxe business and conferenc hotel assembled food and beverage , accomodation , recreation , leisure for one body , located in the flourishing finance and commerce area of changsha city . room intro
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  7. Just considering the enemy is enforcing an economic blockade , unscrupulous merchants and reactionaries are disrupting our finance and commerce , and the trade of our red areas with the outside is seriously hampered
  8. During the first half of this century , shanghai became ' heaven of adventures ' for a moment , for with a romantic and legendary history of a far - eastern motropolics , it used to be a center of industry , trade , finance and commerce in china , appealing to a lot of foreign investment
    本世纪上半叶的上海曾经是中国工业、贸易、金融和商业的中心,有着远东大都会浪漫而传奇的历史,吸引过不少外来资本,因而一度成为“冒险家的乐园” 。
  9. To take advantage of this , we need to train a critical mass of people with suitable talent as quickly as possible . these people should have a thorough understanding of the business environment of the mainland , knowledge in international finance and commerce and proficiency in putonghua and foreign languages , especially english
  10. Leewan hotel is located in the resourse area of dalian city - minzhu square . north to bohai , and adjoin with the finance and commerce center . with the distance to railway station and harbour about 5 mins driving by car , and to airport only 15 mins . hotel collects the guestroom , chinese restaurant , japanese restaurant , sauna , night club , room of chess and card , conference room , etc


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