finance portfolio造句


  1. Juncker, who also holds the finance portfolio, responded deftly.
  2. Netanyahu holds the finance portfolio until a new minister is appointed.
  3. He has held the finance portfolio for more than a year.
  4. In 2010 he was shuffled to the Minister of Finance portfolio.
  5. He brought about many economic reforms while handling the finance portfolio.
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  7. Foreign Minister Amnuay Viravan was expected to get the crucial finance portfolio.
  8. Gujral has kept the finance portfolio for himself for the time being.
  9. Prime Minister Martin Ziguele will take over the finance portfolio.
  10. Tuilaepa has twice reassigned the Finance portfolio since that time.
  11. Xerox also has parceled out some of its financing portfolio to other companies.
  12. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah himself will take over the finance portfolio, it added.
  13. He was given the Finance Portfolio along with a number of other departments.
  14. This is intimately related to self-financing portfolios.
  15. Prime Minister Malielegaoi took over the Finance portfolio himself.
  16. He held the finance portfolio until 20 October 1832.
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