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  1. Discussion on procedures of design modifications of the world bank financed projects
  2. Self - financed projects
  3. Strengthening fund management of the world bank financed project and reducing debt paying risks of government for loan
  4. The chinese are using u . s . debt as collateral in borrowing yuan to finance projects within their country
  5. We operate the innovation and technology fund to finance projects that contribute to innovation and technology upgrading in industry
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  7. Financing project financing , financing in the form of bonds and stocks , fund raising , idle funds , commercial lending , lending rate , grants , guarantor
  8. Thirdly , the bank can encourage borrowers to issue bonds in conjunction with adb - financed projects through the provision of partial credit guarantees
  9. The industrial support fund which finances projects beneficial to the industrial and technology development of hong kong 274m in 1998 - 99
    工业支援资助计划,资助对香港工业及科技发展有利的计划一九九八至九九年度的拨款额为2亿7 , 400万元
  10. We offer tailor - made loan packages , customized by loan type , tenor , and size , enabling you to finance projects with great flexibility
  11. Compensation system for security : for the outside financed projects or enterprises , county authorities concerned should take charge to monitor and protect them emphatically
  12. The fund as an interstate nonprofit organization will finance projects in different fields , agreed with the cis member states council on humanitarian cooperation
  13. Capital expenditure under the innovation and technology fund is intended to finance projects to help promote innovation and technology upgrading in manufacturing and service industries
  14. Editedthe bid documents of the world bank financed projects as consolidation of soutlern oides of luoma lake and the monitoring and contrd system for the grand chanal
    编制了利用世界银行贷款项目- -骆马湖南堤加固工程国内竞争性招标文件,江苏省大运河监调系统工程国际竞争性招标文件。
  15. Increase government investment and introduce more policy loans and preferential loans from international financial organisations and foreign governments to finance projects in the western region
  16. An american - financed project to refurbish the power station and upgrade the transmission lines is a development priority but work stopped last may when the area became too insecure
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