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  1. Office - in - charge admin finance section
  2. Office - in - charge finance section
  3. Finance section , the third international congress on traditional medicine ( beijing 2004 )
    第三届国际传统医药大会(北京2004 )财务部
  4. When the finance section of our company announced that everyone would get a pay rise , there was a lot of good cheer in the office
  5. But the costs are pretty high , and with the deepening of chinese finance section , the costs would go much higher . the exchange regimes of rmb should be re - chosen for the inner defect of present one
  6. It's difficult to find finance section in a sentence. 用finance section造句挺难的
  7. With the emergence of microcomputer , the software of accounting by edp got rapid development , and the edp accounting trade including accoutancy trade and computer trade also gradually grew up , in the seventies and eighties of the last century . the accountancy checks system in our country took place thinking chance when coming into ninties . the advanced director of each enterprise paid more attention to financial management , and the finance section put the work point on the finance management and analysis instead of previous accountant - recording
  8. We have 29 staff members including 8 people with undergraduate education credentials and 15 people with college education . we are divided into 6 function sections , and they are : comprehensive section , water - saving section , water supply administration section , technology section , finance section and technological consultation center . main functions


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