financial market authority造句


  1. The Financial Markets Authority did not return calls seeking comment.
  2. In April 2010 the Government announced it would establish the Financial Markets Authority.
  3. The Austrian National Bank and Financial Market Authority were investigating Bawag's involvement with Refco.
  4. Approving the offer Monday, the Financial Market Authority said its opening and closing dates would be announced later.
  5. Novartis said in a statement, issued in response to a request for information from France's Financial Markets Authority.
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  7. It also noted that the Government and Parliament have expressly committed themselves to an independent and strong Financial Market Authority ."
  8. Francis Mer said he would present a draft law to create the Financial Markets Authority to the Cabinet on Feb . 5.
  9. The Financial Markets Authority issued the first peer-to-peer lending service licence on July 8, 2014, to Harmoney.
  10. Lyon spokesman Frederic Breffeilh said in a statement that the Financial Markets Authority had informed club chairman Jean-Michel Aulas of its decision.
  11. In late summer, the Public Prosecutor s Office and the Financial Market Authority, BaFin, stopped their unsuccessful investigations into insider trading.
  12. Harmoney launched on September 10, 2014, after it had obtained a licensed by the Financial Markets Authority on July 8, 2014.
  13. In a statement, the Financial Markets Authority said it cooperated fully during the operation, supervised by the two investigating magistrates leading the Vivendi probe.
  14. In a statement, the Financial Markets Authority said the planned issue " does not conform to the principles that govern public offers ."
  15. The Financial Markets Authority said in a statement that the planned issue " does not conform to the principles that govern public offers ."
  16. Sinitus was liquidated at the order of the Swiss Financial Markets Authority ( FINMA ) because of its non-compliance with Swiss rules and regulations.
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