financial market turmoil造句


  1. Stop blaming speculators for Southeast Asian financial market turmoil.
  2. The timing may seem unlikely, given the current financial market turmoil in Asia.
  3. The timing may seem unlikely, given the current financial market turmoil in Hong Kong.
  4. But it stressed these were calculated before the onset of the global financial market turmoil.
  5. The dollar gained against the yen on more signs of financial market turmoil in Southeast Asia.
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  7. But the ongoing financial market turmoil in the region is putting a dampener on export potential.
  8. The recent financial market turmoil and the possible increase in credit risks have reinforced this view.
  9. On October 13, 2008, Waste Management withdrew its bid for Republic Services, citing financial market turmoil.
  10. Investors moved funds into Switzerland as Asian currencies fell to record lows amid continued financial market turmoil in the region.
  11. "There's a limit for our society in tolerating inconvenience and financial market turmoil from this strike.
  12. The greater-than-expected fall supports expectations that economic growth will be dented by financial market turmoil in Asia.
  13. MALAYSIA'S capital market regulatory structures remain intact despite coming under severe stress from the financial market turmoil of 1997.
  14. Analysts have grown increasingly worried about Brazilian economic growth in the wake of financial market turmoil and pre-election jitters.
  15. Dresdner Bank on Thursday blamed financial market turmoil late last year for a 7-percent drop in pretax profits in 1998.
  16. As a result, Latin America now is experienced and in a much better position to manage the financial market turmoil from Asia.
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