first bell造句


  1. In West Asia, the first bells appeared in 1000 BC.
  2. The first bell of the church was donated by Teodosia Vda.
  3. It will be a relief when the first bell rings,
  4. Both fighters were engaged in wild exchanges from the first bell on.
  5. He came out the moment that first bell tolled.
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  7. He knows what will be waiting for him when that first bell tolls.
  8. Once the first bell echoes, Jones becomes Baryshnikov on the ballet stage.
  9. Thirty seconds after the first bell, Hamed was flat on his pants.
  10. But it was a rumble, indeed, from the first bell on.
  11. The first bell, weighing 450 kilos, is dedicated to Aloysius Stepinac.
  12. The first bell was dedicated on 6 March 1927.
  13. The braces shone when she chatted excitedly with other girls before the first bell.
  14. All that each fighter is sure will follow that first bell is one thing.
  15. The first bell rang for classes in 1908.
  16. Klitschko was very dominant from the first bell.
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