first belorussian front造句


  1. It was involved in the Battle of Kursk, and was part of the First Belorussian Front for the liberation of Belarus, the Lublin-Brest Offensive, and the assault on Berlin.
  2. Further north the armies of First Ukrainian Front and First Belorussian Front had made more spectacular progress, crossing southern and central Poland, and closing up to the Oder along much of its length.
  3. Therefore, the boundary between the First Belorussian Front and the Western Front was shifted south, and two " new " armies executed a single-pincer movement to Dubrovka and around Bryansk, forcing German forces to withdraw.
  4. Ivan served as the deputy chief of SMERSH for the 61st Army of the First Belorussian Front during World War II . After the war, he finished his work in SMERSH and worked as a jurist in the military.
  5. In February 1945 Khrennikov was officially posted by the Political Authority ( Politupravlenie ) of the Red Army from Sverdlovsk, where he and his family had been evacuated, to the First Belorussian Front, and the Army commanded by General ( later Marshal ) Chuikov.
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