for jennie造句


  1. This pie is a favorite potluck contribution for Jennie Saliers of Ansley Park.
  2. After providing financially for Jennie, he marries Letty, resuming his former social status.
  3. Falling was once a problem for Jennie Caine, 56, not because of anything other than clumsiness, she says.
  4. So, Alice looks for Jennie in the house, only to find her corpse in the garage with her throat slashed.
  5. For Jennie Sheffield, the good life has involved living in and taking care of Hawthorne Heights, the Union Point homeplace of her family since antebellum times.
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  7. For Jennie Chen, 25, who left San Jose for Beijing last year and now co-directs the human resources software company she co-founded in Shenzhen, adjusting to life in China after work has been the biggest challenge.
  8. Ah Jong tells Li that should anything happen to him, Li should have Ah Jong's eyes donated for Jennie's surgery or use Ah Jong's money to fly her overseas to have her surgery performed by more experienced doctors.
  9. The " Drive Dead Slow EP " appeared in April 2000, released on the BMG label, before the band's second album " Jennie Bomb " ( named for Jennie Asplund ) was released in 2001 ( 2002 in America ).
  10. Raymond Beegle has served as principal coach in the opera department of the University of Southern California; associate professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook; and taught classes in vocal chamber music at the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz where he was accompanist for Jennie Tourel s master classes.


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