for king and country造句


  1. Other appearances have been on For King and Country ".
  2. He had been a man with a concern for king and country.
  3. Te Puea explained : " They tell us to fight for king and country.
  4. Soldiers chant patriotic songs praising their respective branches'service for king and country.
  5. On this top section are the words : " " For King and Country.
  6. It's difficult to find for king and country in a sentence. 用for king and country造句挺难的
  7. Timmy Jones left in 2013 to join For King and Country, and Tim Buell stepped in.
  8. Many men from the district participated in war as part of the duty for King and country.
  9. Switchfoot, For King and Country, Sanctus Real, Bread of Stone, Moriah Peters, etc.
  10. The figure stands above a laurel wreath encircling crossed flags and the words " FOR KING AND COUNTRY ".
  11. Its agents can sometimes be identified with the use of the code phrase or motto, " For King and Country ."
  12. He first appeared in " The Forge, disguising his ship as their catch phrase, " For King and Country ".
  13. The For King and Country will not be enough to play all scenarios in HL as the WOA map boards are required as well.
  14. No-One meanwhile was hiding at the Forge for decades, disguising his wordship as their catch-phrase " For King and Country ".
  15. Thai people have an independent spirit and yet tend to share a strong sense of pride in being Thai and a common love for king and country.
  16. Yet enemies old and those unknown have different plans for king and country, and even if Torin can succeed, it may already be too late.
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