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  1. "For Kings and Planets " leaves you wounded and healed.
  2. FOR KINGS AND PLANETS Ethan Canin ( Random House, $ 24.95)
  3. The characters in " For Kings and Planets " seem freshly original.
  4. Q : Are you looking forward to doing publicity appearances for " For Kings and Planets ?"
  5. Now Canin has a new novel, " For Kings and Planets " ( Random House, $ 24 ).
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  7. The story told in Ethan Canin's shimmering new novel, " For Kings and Planets, " is deceptively familiar.
  8. BOOKS-CANIN _ Review of Ethan Canin's " For Kings and Planets . " ( Kellman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution ).
  9. "The Wisdom of the Body " ), and even the novelist Ethan Canin ( " For Kings and Planets " ).
  10. Certainly the novel " For Kings and Planets " has hints of it, particularly in the ocean-liner momentum of its protagonist, an endearingly stalwart fellow named Orno Tarcher.
  11. Right now, a huge promotional poster in many Barnes & Nobles features not Grisham or Steel, but author Ethan Canin and his new literary novel " For Kings and Planets ."
  12. While " For Kings and Planets " is an easily gratifying story, full of shadowy omens and potentially happy endings, I do hope Canin has got the Cain-and-Abel thing out of his system.
  13. The result is uneven : Some moments I loved " For Kings and Planets "; at other times, I wanted to send Canin back to class at the Iowa Writers'Workshop, where he's now a teacher.
  14. Ethan Canin managed an excellent friendship between a dentist and a self-destructive blackguard in " For Kings and Planets, " while Dorothy Allison followed a rock'n'roll star home to Georgia in " Cavedweller ."
  15. His last book, " For Kings and Planets " left me a little cold; the samplings of Fitzgerald seemed wrongheaded for a primary creative talent like Canin, who doesn't need anybody else's ideas but his own.
  16. A couple that I'm really looking forward to are Michael Chabon's ` Werewolves in Their Youth'and Ethan Canin's ` For Kings and Planets .'He's another really good writer we haven't heard from in a while ."
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