for laci造句


  1. We will continue to search for Laci and her baby boy.
  2. "We're grieving for the baby, as Scott is for Laci,"
  3. Throughout the tapes, Peterson is heard proclaiming his love for Laci while at the same time romancing Frey.
  4. For months Peterson had been lying to his secret girlfriend, then to police as they searched for Laci Peterson.
  5. Kim Petersen, a spokeswoman for Laci Peterson's family, said Friday they would not comment on the decision.
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  7. Volunteers renewed search efforts Saturday, as hundreds showed up to look for Laci Peterson in a canal area west of Modesto.
  8. Peterson said no cause of death could be determined for Laci or the couple's fetus, a boy they planned to name Conner.
  9. In reality, he had made one of these phone calls while attending the New Year's Eve candlelight vigil in Modesto for Laci.
  10. While volunteers searched for Laci Peterson, her husband wooed his Fresno lover with poetry, presents and innuendos of a future together, prosecutors say.
  11. Meanwhile an emotionally charged date is approaching : the Feb . 10 due date for Laci Peterson's baby boy _ already given the name Conner.
  12. Her husband Scott Peterson ( Dean Cain ), and her family go out to search for Laci, but there are no signs of her anywhere.
  13. A spokeswoman for Laci Peterson's family said relatives were devastated by the confirmation of the deaths, but grateful they finally had an answer after months of uncertainty.
  14. "I'm very sorry for Laci's family and the pain that this has caused them and I pray for her safe return as well,"
  15. As friends and volunteers continued the search for Laci Peterson, who has been missing since Christmas eve, Monday marked the date she was due to give birth to a son.
  16. Modesto police searching for Laci Peterson's killer ruled out a number of registered sex offenders and parolees without ever checking what appeared to be flimsy alibis, a detective testified Monday.
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