fordyce spot造句


  1. A variable number of Fordyce spots or granules are scattered throughout the non keratinized tissue.
  2. Fordyce spots, or Fordyce granules, are ectopic sebaceous glands found on the genitals and oral mucosa.
  3. In the latter, the most common site for Fordyce spots is the lower gingiva ( gums ) and vestibular mucosa.
  4. Success varies per patient, but some have found relief from pulsed dye lasers, a laser normally used to treat sebaceous gland hyperplasia, which is similar to Fordyce spots.
  5. Sebaceous glands on the lip and mucosa of the cheek, and on the genitalia, are known as Fordyce spots, and glands on the eyelids are known as meibomian glands.
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  7. A surgical treatment using a Micro-punch technique has shown to be an effective method that achieved very satisfactory functional and cosmetic results in patient that have multiple and / or very prominent fordyce spots.


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