fore and aft movement造句

"fore and aft movement"是什么意思   


  1. Fore and aft movement decreased and increased the angles of incidence together.
  2. Fore and aft movement of the entire yoke operated the elevator and the wheel operated the wing warping.
  3. Fore and aft movement of the stick altered the angle of attack of the whole foreplane raising or lowering the nose.
  4. The upper links ( orange ) and the lower links ( yellow ) work in tandem to control the pitch, yaw and the fore and aft movement ( surge ).
  5. A hand adjustment for wear is provided for both rear and transmission brakes . " The Times " thought the suspension was not quite free from fore and aft movement but was otherwise satisfactory and comfortable on a rough road.
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  7. Instead, Holcroft carried-forward the action of the combination lever assembly that controlled the fore and aft movement of the valve spindle ( which admitted " live " steam into the cylinder and ejected " spent " steam out through the ports ) to a pivot point connected to a lever from the " inside " valve spindle.


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