foundation hospitals造句


  1. Since 1965, the facility has been known as Rush Foundation Hospital.
  2. 49 75.2 91 57.7 24.5 Ochsner Foundation Hospital, New Orleans
  3. He opposed the use of the war on Iraq, top-up fees and foundation hospitals.
  4. Specialized health centres such as San Vicente Foundation hospitals were recognized with the Silver Category of LEED certification.
  5. LifeCare Foundation Hospital, is a private hospital which is managed and maintained by LifeCare Public welfare foundation.
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  7. Blair insists the greater independence enjoyed by so-called foundation hospitals will improve efficiency and drive up standards.
  8. The prime minister says greater independence for foundation hospitals will improve efficiency and drive up standards . _ __
  9. The government insists the greater independence of so-called foundation hospitals will improve efficiency and drive up standards.
  10. Rush Foundation Hospital is the largest non-military employer in the region, employing 2, 610 people.
  11. Her condition worsened around Thanksgiving 1995, and she was admitted in January 1996 to Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Fontana.
  12. Both suffered deep head wounds, and were in good condition Monday at Carle Foundation Hospital in nearby Urbana, Ill.
  13. In establishing foundation hospitals and increasing student tuition fees in England, Scottish votes were decisive in getting the measures through.
  14. The College has a teaching presence at both hospitals, although the facilities are somewhat more extensive at Carle Foundation Hospital.
  15. He died from a heart attack at the Rush Foundation Hospital in Meridian, Mississippi, a day after turning 60.
  16. Keene, a surgeon, was president and chief executive of the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan from 1968 to 1975.
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