foundation house officer造句


  1. It also introduced a compulsory year of training for doctors after their university qualification, a training position which has developed into the current Foundation House Officer role.
  2. Under MTAS, junior doctors who had completed the PRHO grade, and more recently the Foundation House Officer grades, along with those who already had up to several years of experience working at the old SHO ( next grade up ) level, were invited to submit an electronic application form on the MTAS website.
  3. Recurring characters include Holby NHS trust chairman Terence Cunningham ( Roger Barclay ), staff nurse Mary-Claire Carter ( Niamh McGrady ), agency nurse Kieran Callaghan ( Barry Sloane ), who served as a love interest for Donna, and Foundation House Officer 1 ( F1 ) Lulu Hutchison ( Fiona Hampton ).
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