foundation improvement造句

"foundation improvement"是什么意思   


  1. Frozen foundation improvement
  2. Experimental study on foundation improvement by dynamic consolidation on loess region
  3. Application and research of electrochemistry pile - making method in soft foundation improvement
  4. Application of dynamic compaction to foundation improvement of a flood - prevention dam in yibin
  5. Research on construction technology of earth and rock - fill dams and tailing dam , soft foundation improvement and aseismatic engineering
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  7. Design of earch and rockfill dams project supervision observation design data analyses . evaluation of quality and safety of dams soft foundation improvement
  8. This fact becomes all the more apparent once the profound costs of network foundation improvement , information technology enhancement , and resource reallocation are taken into consideration
  9. The quality requirement is very high on expressway soft foundation improvement compared to the super pre - loading and the jet - powder pile , the vacuum - heaped load combining pre - compression is cheaper and its intensify effect is distinct
  10. Because of the advantages of prefabricated plastic drains over other vertical drains , this technology is widely used in recent soft clay foundation improvement in our country and it has been a main method in drainage consolidation methods
  11. As a new foundation improvement technology , the cast - in - situ concrete thin - wall pipe pile ( pcc pile ) is applied widely in the construction of the highway , civil architecture , haven and sea embankment etc . the pcc pile has a great prospect because it has superiority in the treatment of soils , such as construction period , cost and environment protection
    现浇混凝土薄壁管桩(简称pcc桩)及其复合地基是一种全新的地基处理新技术,已应用于高速公路、民用建筑、港口、海堤等工程建设中, pcc桩在处理效果、工期、造价、环保等方面具有较大的优越性,因此在地基处理中具有广阔的应用前景。
  12. The detection of foundation improvement now mainly depends on drilling hole test and standard penetration test , dynamic penetration test and plate loading test . but in the large area dynamic foundation , the relatively less measure points ca n ' t totally reflect the effect of dynamic compaction


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