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  1. This was achieved the year before the Freedom Riders arrived in 1961.
  2. Mobs attacked pickets marching for the Freedom Riders at the county courthouse.
  3. On May 4, 1961, Hank Thomas joined the first Freedom Rider group.
  4. Doris was one of the youngest Freedom Riders in New Orleans.
  5. Pretty soon Ole Miss will be sending freedom riders up here.
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  7. All this vigilante freedom rider stuff, it's corrosive to the project.
  8. The Freedom Riders were attacked by the KKK again in Birmingham.
  9. To us, every Freedom Rider we find is like finding gold,
  10. At one time, 300 Freedom Riders were imprisoned at Parchman Farm.
  11. Oretha Castle's home served as the New Orleans headquarters for the Freedom Riders.
  12. In 1960, Lewis became one of the 13 original Freedom Riders.
  13. She was a Freedom Rider, arrested and incarcerated for 40 days in Mississippi.
  14. The freedom riders were attacked and viciously beaten by Klan-led mobs.
  15. In separate action, integrated teams of Freedom Riders rode South on interstate buses.
  16. They beat the Freedom Riders with baseball bats and iron pipes.
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