freedom ship international造句


  1. By far the most ambitious plan is that of Freedom Ship International, based in Palm Beach, Fla ., which hopes to build a floating city.
  2. Freedom Ship International initially estimated the net cost for construction to be USD 6 billion in 1999 . However, by 2002, estimates had risen to USD 11 billion.
  3. The Miami-based company Freedom Ship International received the go-ahead to start building the $ 8.5 billion boat in a bay on the Central American country's Atlantic coast.
  4. Other residence ship projects that have been reported include the America World City, proposed by the World City Corp . with investors that include Westin Hotels and Resorts, and Freedom Ship, the barge-like craft proposed by Freedom Ship International, which anticipates 40, 000 residents living on a 25-story ship.
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