1. Without its own technology and supply resources , gagc should change its strategic emphasis from car production to car sales and after - sale service gradually
  2. Gagc should build up its strategy in car business after making both a thorough analysis of the environment in which it is developing its car business and a realistic evaluation of its own resources . meanwhile , it ' ll be helpful if gagc could also take a look at the future picture of the competition of china car market when it set its strategy
  3. Its car joint venture with peugeot france - guangzhou peugeot - failed after a 12 - year struggle . followed by a new car project with honda japan - guangzhou honda , gagc is stepping into a new era of its car business . however , gagc always lacks a clear strategy in developing its car business
  4. It's difficult to find gagc in a sentence. 用gagc造句挺难的


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