1. These developments tend to be self-organizing, says Gambetta.
  2. Gambetta and Garibaldi were both also won seats in mainland France.
  3. It was headed by the Leon Gambetta and Victor Hugo.
  4. At first Gambetta was opposed to the war with Prussia.
  5. Gambetta returned to the political stage and won on three separate ballots.
  6. It's difficult to find gambetta in a sentence. 用gambetta造句挺难的
  7. That fall forced him to submit his resignation to Gambetta.
  8. Gambetta, however, arrested him and sent him back to England.
  9. In 1867 he performed an enucleation of the eye of L閛n Gambetta.
  10. The Gleizes'family moved to Avenue Gambetta in 1887.
  11. He also refused to meet with Gambetta, the leader of the Republicans.
  12. Hipocondria Ensemble, La Gambetta, Ritornello and others.
  13. In 1876, Gambetta proposed to create a proportional tax on all incomes.
  14. He was in Paris during part of the Gambetta.
  15. He then supported both Jules Ferry and L閛n Gambetta.
  16. The Oxford sociologist Diego Gambetta has argued that the suicide verdict was not justified.
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