1. Garzan warned foreign tourists from visiting Turkey.
  2. By Mariel Garzan ( Will move on the " a " national and " n"
  3. The Garzan River flowing from north to south enters the Tigris and separates Batman from the Siirt Province lying to the east.
  4. Oil was found in the region in the 1930s and the oldest in Turkey refinery was built in 1955 to process crude oil of the Raman and Garzan areas.
  5. The rebel force knew about the operation three weeks ahead of time and spread its fighters out over a 230-kilometer ( 145-mile ) area, said Ali Garzan, the ERNK's European representative.
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  7. During the news conference, the ERNK's European representative Ali Garzan vowed the PKK forces would resist the Turkish army's incursion into Iraq and would hit back with " violent actions " in Turkey.


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