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  1. That same year, a dinner party performance for television personality Kathie Lee Gifford led to Rockapella's 1988 appearance on the WABC-TV show Zombie Jamboree " caught the eye of producer Gerard Brown.
  2. Donna Brown Guillaume, Meryl Marshall, Willard Carroll and Thomas L . Wilhite, executive producers; Libby Simon, producer; directed by Anthony Bell; story by Anna Quindlen; teleplay by Gerard Brown; narrated by Robert Guillaume; Spencer Proffer, music director.
  3. Wednesday night, and this time the title character is a girl . ( Ally McBeal, Ali MacGraw, Ali Baba, what's the difference ? ) The resulting half-hour of animation _ written by Gerard Brown, based on an adaptation by Anna Quindlen, the novelist and former columnist for The New York Times, falls short of enchanting.
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