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  1. Here, Irish writer-director Gerard Stembridge presents three sisters living in Dublin who fall for the same man, Adam ( Stuart Townsend ).
  2. ""'Ordinary Decent Criminal " "'is a 2000 crime comedy film, directed by Thaddeus O'Sullivan, written by Gerard Stembridge, and stars Kevin Spacey and Linda Fiorentino.
  3. "Guiltrip " has been directed by Gerard Stembridge, a highly regarded Irish television and theater director, in a plain style that suits its characters'deep-seated troubles.
  4. Using a multiple perspective, director Gerard Stembridge shows us the same key events from different points of view ( much like " Pulp Fiction " ).
  5. Written and directed by Gerard Stembridge; director of photography, Eugene O'Connor; edited by Mary Finlay; music by Brendan Power; production designer, David Wilson; produced by Ed Guiney.
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  7. `ABOUT ADAM .'Gerard Stembridge directs Stuart Townsend as a young man in working-class Ireland who seems too perfect to three sisters, and turns out to be just that.
  8. The opening-night feature, starting at 7 p . m ., is " About Adam, " a romantic comedy from Gerard Stembridge starring Kate Hudson, Stuart Townsend and Frances O'Connor.
  9. But writer-director Gerard Stembridge keeps things bustling along at a lively enough pace to deflect any introspective focus on the matchups that are never presented as relationships, only flings.
  10. If writer-director Gerard Stembridge had been a little less concerned with making Adam so darned lovable and actually given the character some occasional shadings of darkness, the movie would be more palatable.
  11. Written and directed by Gerard Stembridge; director of photography, Bruno De Keyser; edited by Mary Finlay; music by Adrian Johnston; production designer, Fiona Daly; produced by Anna Devlin and Marina Hughes; released by Miramax Films.
  12. Only Townsend, with the opportunity to become the fiendishly charming chameleon, makes much of an impression, even if that impression leaves a bad taste in your mouth afterward .---" ABOUT ADAM " ( Rated R : language, strong sexuality )-The stars : Stuart Townsend, Frances O'Connor, Kate Hudson, Charlotte Bradley .-Behind the scenes : Written and directed by Gerard Stembridge .-Running time : One hour, 36 minutes.


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