1. Glaucine may produce side effects such as sedation, novel psychoactive drug.
  2. Studies of the effect of several alkaloids in mice, including glaucine, demonstrate anticonvulsant and antinociceptive properties.
  3. Glaucine has also been demonstrated to be a dopamine receptor antagonist, favoring D1 and D1-like receptors.
  4. In February 2016, Miller along with another harness driver were charged with allowing horses to race with the drug Glaucine in their system.
  5. In other words; animal studies indicate that glaucine can also act as a pain reliever to a certain extent, although its capacities in this respect appear limited when compared to other analgesics.
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  7. Animal studies demonstrate the ability of glaucine to decrease heart rate and lower blood pressure, presumably by the same mechanism of Ca 2 +-channel antagonism that it uses to relax bronchial muscle.
  8. Side effects including chest pain ( suggestive of possible cardiovascular toxicity ) have been seen following recreational use of diphenylprolinol, although it was combined with glaucine in a party pill product, thus making it impossible to say for certain which drug was responsible.
  9. Common active ingredients ( among many others ) include caffeine, theobromine, other stimulant alkaloids, psychedelic agent lysergic acid amide ( illegal in many countries ), passionflower ( sedative which contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors ), Citrus aurantium ( contains small amounts of the stimulant synephrine ), glaucine ( plant derived compound usually used as cough medicine ), and geranamine ( alkylamine compound found in geranium oil ).
  10. Aporphine is a 5-HT1a partial agonist with a ki of 80nM and a 5-HT7 antagonist with a ki of 88nM . Aporphine is a Dopamine D1 antagonist with a ki of 717nM and a dopamine D2 antagonist with a ki of 527nM . Aporphine and its related alkaloids bulbocapnine, boldine, glaucine and corytuberine are antipsychotic, exert naloxone-reversible antinociceptive activity and with the exception of corytuberine are anticonvulsant.


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