1. In this paper , the belief logic system gny and it ' s related implementation tool spearii are utilized , ssl protocol is a focused instance , then the detailed analysis procedure from initial protocol model to various evolution protocol models is given , later the final evolution protocol model and ssl protocol are contrasted and thus the security analysis conclusion is drawn for ssl . during the analysis procedure two practical security authentication solutions are designed based on evolution protocol models
    本文采用著名的信念逻辑gny逻辑系统及其相关的形式化工具spear ,以ssl协议为分析实例,详细阐述了从初始协议模型到各个进化协议模型的分析过程,并将最终的进化模型与ssl协议作比较,给出ssl协议的安全分析,同时在分析过程中以协议模型为基础设计了两个实用的安全认证方案。
  2. Furthermore , three expanded gny logic rules are given during above analysis based on gny , and at the end of this paper , security protocol formal verification based on attack logics is discussed and presented , a development framework of integrating such verification model into automated analysis tools such as spearii is shown finally
  3. It's difficult to find gny in a sentence. 用gny造句挺难的


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