gods and fighting men造句


  1. In addition, in her " Gods and Fighting Men " ( 1904 ), Augusta, Lady Gregory describes Manann醤's gift as a " shining branch having nine apples of red gold ."
  2. In her English retellings of Irish myth, Lady Augusta Gregory ( Gods and Fighting Men, 1904 ), describes Brigit as " a woman of poetry, and poets worshipped her, for her sway was very great and very noble.
  3. In " Gods and Fighting Men ", Lady Gregory's Celtic Revival translation of Irish mythology, heads of men killed in battle are described in the beginning of the story " The Fight with the Fir Bolgs " as pleasing to Macha, one aspect of the war goddess Morrigu.
  4. "' His Three Calls to Cormac "', or " " Cormac's Adventure in the Land of Promise " ", is a tale found in Irish mythology; the title being from " Gods and Fighting Men  The Story of the Tuatha De Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland ", which is a collection of tales collated and translated by Lady Augusta Gregory.
  5. In Lady Gregory's'Gods and Fighting Men', mention is made of, in particular, Gleann na Sm髄 : in Chapter 12 " The Red Woman ", on a misty morning, Fionn says to his Fians, " Make yourselves ready, and we will go hunting to Gleann-na-Smol . " There they meet Niamh of the Golden Hair, who chose Ois韓 from among all the Fianna to be her husband, told him to come with her on her fairy horse, after which they rode over the land to the sea and across the waves to the land of T韗 na n觛.
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