1. The most common aquatic birds are the goosander and tufted duck.
  2. Along the river, willow and goldeneye and goosander.
  3. Animals that live around the pool are shoveler, wigeon and occasionally goosander.
  4. Among the species that attract birdwatchers to the hide are the goosander, whitethroat.
  5. There are also significant numbers of Goldeneye ( duck ), tufted ducks and goosander.
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  7. Flocks of crossbills are regularly seen feeding in the treetops, and winter visitors include goosanders.
  8. Notable birds include blackcaps, mute swans, kingfishers, goosanders and in summer, sand martins, whilst crickets.
  9. The River Wye at Lancaut supports a range of wildlife including otters, porpoises, cormorants, goosanders and herons.
  10. The breeding birds in the reserve are the pintail as well as red-breasted merganser, goosander and smew.
  11. For example, the bittern reed warbler greylag goose, goosander, smew white-tailed eagle and osprey occur here.
  12. On the reservoir itself, Canada geese are always present and are joined during the autumn and winter by goosanders and pochard.
  13. Macgillivray is similarly relied upon for accounts of the pink-footed goose and the goosander as far as the Hebrides are concerned.
  14. There are nationally important numbers of goosanders, wigeons and gadwalls in winter, and banded demoiselle damselflies nest on nettles along the river bank.
  15. Ridden by Bill Clift, she was made the 3 / 1 favourite ahead of Miranda and Goosander who both started at odds of 5 / 1.
  16. The river Slaney at Kildavin is one of the best places in Ireland in winter to see the rare goosander : flocks of up to 30 have been seen here.
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