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  1. But it's not that the Gospel story doesn't have a universal power.
  2. The window stained glass is modern and tells the gospel story.
  3. They are not even mentioned in the other gospel stories.
  4. The biblical stories, the Gospel stories, were the original understandings,
  5. In addition to direct quotations, other gospel stories were summarized or cited by the Church Fathers.
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  7. The third president, Church said, " took out all the mystery " from the Gospel stories.
  8. Gospel stories were put to music, and oratorios featuring music and spoken dramatic parts were written.
  9. The Jesuits very much believe in using whatever is necessary or popular to communicate the Gospel story.
  10. In the gospel story, Christ fled here to escape the crowds hoping to see him perform a miracle.
  11. However, we believe altering the lyrics would remove an essential part of the gospel story as explained throughout Scripture.
  12. On the other hand, several Gospel stories clearly indicate that Jesus'resurrected body was not at all like normal human flesh.
  13. Egyptologist Gerald Massey wrote in 1881 of what he described as connections between Vedic scripture, ancient Egyptian mythology and the Gospel stories.
  14. As of 2009, the Temple Band has recorded several Christmas albums and has also released the 1993 album " The Gospel Story ".
  15. From about 1870 onwards, Massey became increasingly interested in Egyptology and the similarities that exist between ancient Egyptian mythology and the Gospel stories.
  16. Sunday, they worked hard to frame their Holy Week loss in terms of the Gospel story that is celebrated on Easter, the Resurrection.
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