1. For those reasons and others, Robison has been accused of being a " social gospeler,"
  2. Matthews was the most influential clergymen in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the most active Social Gospelers in America.
  3. Like many other social gospelers, he gave little attention to racism, which he considered a problem of the American South.
  4. Other pastors and authors who founded the group with Boardman were leading Social Gospelers Walter Rauschenbusch, Samuel Zane Batten and Leighton Williams.
  5. Although most scholars agree that the Social Gospel movement peaked in the early 20th century, there is disagreement over when the movement began to decline, with some asserting that the destruction and trauma caused by World War I left many disillusioned with the Social Gospel's ideals while others argue that World War I stimulated the Social Gospelers'reform efforts.
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