greasing pit造句

"greasing pit"是什么意思   


  1. It had a grease pit for automobile repair work.
  2. The place was a dirty black grease pit.
  3. It doesn't look like it was just dragged from a root cellar or fished from a grease pit.
  4. Its lid is pried off and there is found . . . an ugly, foul-smelling goo that resembles a grease pit.
  5. Lectures on restrictor plates and aerodynamic packages tend to draw yawns outside the grease pits, but they are critical to understanding the sociology.
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  7. They fold the only good restaurant in town and _ " for your convenience " _ replace it with a drive-through grease pit selling plastic hamburgers.
  8. Anticipating a rush of business, Chambers concreted the grease pit of his gas station, burying the hydraulic rack, to create a new lounge, only to find the casinos were giving away drinks.
  9. The words _ spoken mostly in whispers, but spoken nonetheless in car racin'garages and grease pits across the land _ was that the black-hearted driver in the black machine had himself faded to black.
  10. And though I was never officially written up for instigating the animal uprising, I was promptly reappointed to The Red Grill, the in-store fast-food grease pit that made McDonald's look like the Russian Tea Room.
  11. Leading the way again, Kastrati dictated the names, ages and occupations of 24 people from the area who, he said, had been shot and then dumped in the grease pit of a garage where buses are repaired.
  12. If UPS were forced to recognize Murphy as disabled, it might have to adjust duties in the mechanics pool, giving others responsibility for driving trucks while Murphy works in the grease pit or giving him time off during periods when his blood-pressure rises above the federal limit.
  13. Currently, the pole is covered in lanolin and placed in the centre of a pit of muddy water referred to as the " Grease Pit ", but from the first climbing of the pole in 1956 to 1988 the pole was covered in axle grease and it was only sometime between 1957 and 1967 that the pit was added to the event.
  14. :The most livable diet I've yet seen suggested is from Mark Bittman, who basically says, eat more or less vegetarian or vegan for breakfast and lunch ( but don't be stupid  don't eat entire loaves of bread or anything like that ), then eat whatever you want for dinner ( as long as it is " real food "  skip the grease pits ).


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