1. Janne Gronvall cut the score to 3-2 late in the period.
  2. Janne Gronvall and Antti Miettinen scored as Finland took a 2-1 lead after the first period.
  3. Christian Gronvall, senior vice president of Silja Shipping, said passengers and crew were never endangered and the ship was safe to sail.
  4. The film received some positive reviews; Andrea Gronvall of the " Chicago Reader " praised the film's humour, awarding the film three and a half stars.
  5. Negative reviews appeared in " The Chicago Reader ", in which Andrea Gronvall commented that the film is " ass-numbingly wrong ", and " navel-gazing drivel " in October, 2010.
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  7. On the other hand, Andrea Gronvall was unimpressed by Lohman while writing for the " Chicago Reader ", calling her performance " alternately shrill and pouty " and deeming the film to be " another miscalculation " on the part of director Michael Mayer.
  8. Instead it is content to eat its retro snack cake and have it, too . " Andrea Gronvall of the " Chicago Reader " wrote that " The formula works, thanks in large part to star Jennifer Garner, who's so radiant theaters should be stocking sunblock.
  9. Andrea Gronvall of the " Chicago Reader " called it a " cheesy melodrama ", and wrote, " Writer-director Patrick Coyle tackles such weighty issues as child abuse, alcoholism, hypocrisy, celibacy, and Catholic reforms, but the movie's spiritual agenda is belied by its voyeurism ."
  10. Andrea Gronvall was also horrified by Duff's appearance while writing for the " Chicago Reader ", calling her " haggard " and " flat-out scary ", and overall felt that there was " a discernible lack of enthusiasm from almost everyone involved ", however singling out Carmen Electra for being " the most winning performer of the bunch ".
  11. Phelim O'Neill of " The Guardian " gave the film two stars out of five praising the use of 3D, while stating that the " Resident Evil " films " always look good and have well-staged action, but they don't have one iota of originality or imagination " . " Chicago Reader " s Andrea Gronvall described the plot as " nearly indiscernible " but did call the film the " sleekest so far, thanks to 3D and star Milla Jovovich's body-hugging catsuit ".
  12. Wally Hammond of " Time Out " gave the film five out of five stars, saying " A test for tiny tots, a mite nostalgic and as male-dominated as a modern kitchen it may be, but these are mere quibbles about this delightful addition to the Pixar pantheon . " Andrea Gronvall of the " Chicago Reader " gave the film a positive review, saying " Brad Bird's second collaboration with Pixar is more ambitious and meditative than his Oscar-winning " The Incredibles " . " Owen Gleiberman of " Entertainment Weekly " gave the film a B, saying " " Ratatouille " has the Pixar technical magic without, somehow, the full Pixar flavor.
  13. Todd McCarthy gave the film a mixed review in " Variety ", writing " The modestly scaled film delivers some moving and affecting moments amid a preponderance of scenes of frequently annoying people behaving badly . " Andrea Gronvall gave a similar assessment in " The Chicago Reader ", writing " Allen Coulter directed this morose and sluggish drama, which gets more mileage from Pattinson's anguished profile than from Will Fetters's thunderously overwritten screenplay . " Derek Malcolm wrote in " This Is London ", " Decently shot and directed as it is, it lacks any real flame . " Kirk Honeycutt of " The Hollywood Reporter " gave the film a positive review, stating the " scenes between Pattinson and de Ravin exude genuine charm . " Honeycutt goes on to say that the score and cinematography brought " notable sparkle to this heartfelt drama . " Roger Ebert generally liked the film, giving it three out of four stars and characterizing it as a " well-made movie.


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