1. Groody later cooperated with investigators and was able to prove she had also lost money in the scheme.
  2. The original production was staged at the Belasco Theatre on Charles King played Bilge and Louise Groody played Loulou.
  3. Then on fourth down, John Harper was stood up for no gain by the entire right side of Princeton's defensive line, led by Brian Groody.
  4. Groody echoed many Broderbund workers'feeling that, since the company was acquired in June by the Learning Co ., he'd rather be outside than inside.
  5. The road crosses the " Groody Bridge " at the beginning of a new road section also opened in 2004 ( also designated the N7 at the time ).
  6. It's difficult to find groody in a sentence. 用groody造句挺难的
  7. "My goal is to get enough of a break to make the right decision, " said Lance Groody, 38, who was director of programming for Broderbund's Red Orb Entertainment division.
  8. Lucas also fronted Bigger Than Jesus, founded the Groody Frenzy, as well as A . R . M . ( with Chris Welsh and Mike Couvret ), The Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence as well Neon and Venom.
  9. "' Louise Groody "'( 1897 1961 ) was an American Broadway musical comedy star of the 1920s who introduced to New York audiences the song " Tea for Two " in the musical " No, No, Nanette ".
  10. The " "'Doe v . Groody " "', 361 F . 3d 232 ( 3d Cir . 2004 ) lawsuit concerned a strip-search of a 10-year-old girl and her mother despite the fact that neither were criminal suspects nor named in any search warrant.
  11. Gene Portwood and Lauren Elliott were the designers for the game, Lance Groody and Rod Nelson were the programmers, Don Albrecht, Leila Bronstein, Michelle Bushneff, Maureen Gilhooly, Julie Glavin, Avril Harrison and Barbara Lawrence all worked on graphics, Clair Curtin was the product manager, Susan Meyers wrote the clues, and Matthew Leeds wrote the manual.
  12. Sessions then allowed Alito to give his opinion on the case involving the strip search of a ten-year-old girl ( " Doe v . Groody " ) that opponents had highlighted as showing what they viewed as Alito's extreme deference to authority ( in this case the right of the police to interpret a search warrant for a suspected drug dealer's premises as authorizing them to strip-search the man's wife and daughter ).


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