ground bear造句


  1. Most scientists feel that harvesting lake trout in their spawning grounds bears study.
  2. The ground bears the name of an Anorthosis benefactor.
  3. Many famine burial grounds bear no markers.
  4. The columns rising from the ground bear a gallery with a frieze by Stephan Sinding, Christ among the church's martyrs, fathers and reformers, while windows and sculpted angels decorate the dome above.
  5. From that research the conclusion was that the Asiatic black bear, when about two years old, spends much time in trees to avoid attack by larger male bears on the ground ('ground bears').
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  7. The Taylor-Fleming expedition also discovered similar yeti-like footprints ( hominoid appearing with both a hallux and bipedal gait ), intriguing large nests in trees, and vivid reports from local villagers of two bears, " rukh balu " ('tree bear', small, reclusive, weighing about ) and " bhui balu " ('ground bear', aggressive, weighing up to ).
  8. Skulls were collected, these were compared to known skulls at the Smithsonian Institution, American Museum of Natural History, and British Museum, and confirmed identification of a single species, the Asiatic black bear, showing no morphological difference between'tree bear'and'ground bear .'( This despite an intriguing skull in the British Museum of a'tree bear'collected in 1869 by Oldham and discussed in the " Annals of the Royal Zoological Society " .)


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