ground bearing capacity造句

"ground bearing capacity"是什么意思   


  1. Study on the method of checking computation for retaining wall ' s ground bearing capacity and the anti - overturning stability
  2. This paper presents a quick measuring method for bridge culvert structures ' ground bearing capacity and soil replacement method for ground strengthening when the bearing capacity can ' t meet the design requirements
  3. Stone pile is of great effects to the rate of ground consolidation , but increasing the bearing capacity is restrained , although cfg pile is effective to increase ground bearing capacity , it is of little effect to ground consolidation
    碎石桩可以加快地基土的固结速率,但提高地基承载力的能力是有限的; cfg桩虽然可以大大提高地基承载力,但加快地基土的固结作用不大。
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