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  1. Modeling and simulation of multi - airport ground holding policies
  2. The holder supports its ashes just like the ground holds falling leaves
  3. Multi - airport ground holding policy in air traffic flow management
  4. Airlines timetable programming method based on ground holding strategy
  5. General research on ground holding policy in air traffic management
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  7. A discrete event system approach for solving the ground holding problem
  8. Abstract : considering the restriction of multiple airport and airspace capacity , multiple unit ground holding strategy problem with deterministic capacity is studied , including the mathematical model and a new algorithm based on heuristic method and artificial intelligence
  9. Ground holding is a frequently used measure in air traffic flow management ( atfm ) . the " ground - holding policy " ( ghp ) is to decide which flights should be delayed on the ground before take - off whenever it is foreseen it will not land in time because of congestion and by how much , in order to increase the safety of airplane and minimize the cost of delays
    地面等待是空中交通流量管理中普遍应用的一种方法,地面等待策略( groundholdingpolicy )就是如何将原来需进行空中等待的航班改为在原起飞机场进行地面等待,以增进飞行安全并降低延误成本。


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