ground hornbill造句


  1. Ground hornbills are large, with adults around a metre tall.
  2. Their diet has some overlap with that of the southern ground hornbill.
  3. Female southern ground hornbills are smaller and have violet-blue skin on their throats.
  4. The zoo was the first in North America to successfully breed Leadbeater s ground hornbills.
  5. The southern ground hornbill is a vulnerable species, mainly confined to national reserves and national parks.
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  7. In the ground hornbills the females are partially sealed in using a mixture of mud and vegetation.
  8. In North America captive Abyssinian ground hornbills have also been known to die because of West Nile Virus.
  9. Want to see a cichlid fish, an aardvark or meet Charlie, the ground hornbill and camp mascot?
  10. Ground hornbills are believed to reach maturity at six to seven years, but very few breed at this age.
  11. Nile crocodiles, warthogs, and Stanley cranes mixed with Leadbeater's ground hornbills are the first animals guests encounter.
  12. Temminck's coursers and ground hornbills may also be seen in this habitat, as will a number of swallows.
  13. Recent genetic data show that ground hornbills and " Bycanistes " form a clade outside the rest of the hornbill lineage.
  14. In other hornbills the nesting female moult their all flight feathers at once but this is not the case in the ground hornbills.
  15. Abyssinian ground hornbills invest a lot in their offspring and the fledged juveniles will remain with their parents for up to three years.
  16. Nests are almost always deep hollows in very old trees, though there exist reports ground hornbills have on occasions nested on rock faces.
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