ground information造句

"ground information"是什么意思   


  1. because of its wide bandwidth, small scale and high secrecy, space-to-ground optical communications becomes the optimum solution for space to ground information transfer . it has important meaning and promising prospect
  2. amtis and aster images were scaled up using pixel aggregation algorithm to find scaling error of surface flux estimation . the results show that the largest error appears at the interface of different coverage types, and the error show much complexity because of the discontinuity of algorithms at these boundaries . additionally, the contamination of building, highway and other ground information also add some error in the estimation of land surface e vapotranspiration
  3. based on analyzing the factors that influence the military uav operational effectiveness and by taking advangtage of system engineering theory and ahp ( analytical hierarchy process ) method, a structural analysis and calculating models for uav system operational effectiveness which supported by the ground information system is proposed
  4. It's difficult to find ground information in a sentence. 用ground information造句挺难的


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