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  1. Applicability of three deep - well grounding modes
  2. The influence of grinding mode on ore floatation index of wengfu phosphate mine
  3. Discussion on the grounding mode of the secondary sinding of instrument transformers in substation
  4. Small current grounding power system is a popular neutral grounding mode around the world and is widely used in our country
  5. Compare to the traditional current methods , this method is not only immune from neutral grounding modes , but also more bearable to interference
  6. It's difficult to find ground mode in a sentence. 用ground mode造句挺难的
  7. Therefore , the conclusion is valuable to engineering apply , and could be consulted for the selection of the neutral point grounding mode of the civic 10kv network
  8. Wavelet analysis theory and its application in power system have been introduced briefly . this paper gives a general overview of various neutral grounding modes . some existing theories schemes on the fault line selection have been summarized systematically
  9. By analyses and compares , the conclusion is that it would be better to choose high resistance grounding of distribution transformer for hydro turbine in hydro power station . there is no certain conclusion for steam turbine in fossil - fired power plant . getting a clear answer to choose good generator grounding mode still needs practice and time
  10. In the second method , wavelet transform is combined with modal transform , and transient travelling - wave signal is used . after three phase signals are decomposed into their modal components , the wavelet transform coefficient of ground mode can be used to identify approximate position of fault , and the wavelet transform coefficient of aerial mode is used for identifying arrival time of traveling - wave
  11. The problem about neutral - point - grounding mode is an all - around technical problem which associated with not only power system reliability , insulation coordination , electromagnetic interference , but assault safety 。 in china , the neutral grounding modes of the 10kv net involved of none grounding , grounding by arc suppressing coils , resistance grounding or reactance grounding in the past 。 with the development of civic power network , low resistance grounding mode was used to restrain the over voltage , particularly in guangzhou , shanghai , beijing , and zhuhai etc . it was reported that the over - voltage level of low resistance grounding mode is lower than that of arc suppressing coil mode , but the operation carried out the other way 。 at substations in guangzhou and shanghai it was found that the low resistance grounding mode is successful 。 but in some areas , such as zhuhai , substations grounding with low resistance revealed some problems , including power supply reliability rapidly dropping , transmitting line often tripping ; and person safety being threatened 。 so interiorly the grounding mode selection of the 10kv network was disputed , which mainly focused on the fault form of 10kv net grounding , the apply area of suppressing arcing coil grounding mode , power supply reliability level of the two modes , person safety , communication interfere and the workload of maintenance
    争议点主要是在10kv电网接地故障的形式、消弧线圈接地的应用范围、两种运行方式供电可靠性的高低、人身安全、通讯干扰和运行维护工作量等诸多方面。 11 17本论文就是针对以电缆为主的城区10kv电网中性点接地方式的选择问题进行研究。论文首先对10kv电网的中性点运行各种方式进行分析,比较各方式的特点,然后以重庆储奇门变电站10kv电网的实际参数来建立数值计算模型,在考虑了电网接地电容电流变化、中性点电阻取值大小、接地点接地电阻值变化等多种影响因素的情况下,对中性点经消弧线圈接地和经小电阻接地方式下电网的过电压水平和接地点短路电流大小进行了数值计算,其计算结果与电科院所作现场试验进行了比较。


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