ground-breaking ceremony造句

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  1. The ground - breaking ceremony of the new tv city at tseung kwan o was held on 8 march 2000
  2. Another west rail ground - breaking ceremony was held in yuen long district earlier in january
  3. Speech by scit , mr john tsang at the ground - breaking ceremony for asia world - expo english only
  4. The first set of hong kong disneyland commemorative stamps was issued to mark the ground - breaking ceremony in 2003
  5. Both sides of joint venture and construction company , supervision company celebrate the ground - breaking ceremony on november 18 , 2007 in nanjing , china
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  7. Witnessing the ground - breaking ceremony were liu qi , president of the beijing organizing committee for the games of the xxix olympiad bocog , wang qishan , mayor of beijing and other leading officials from the beijing municipality and bocog
  8. On october 31 , 1976 , the 90th birthday of the late president chiang , a ground - breaking ceremony was held , marking official commencement of the construction , with the rsea engineering corporation , and veteran s affairs commission contractors
  9. With masters help , shortly before the lease on their group meditation venue expired last september , kaohsiung initiates found a new location for a center in a beautiful natural setting . the centers ground - breaking ceremony was held on lunar new years day 2004
  10. Officiating at the ground - breaking ceremony , mr siu said that the integer hong kong pavilion is an action research demonstration project to test how intelligent and green concepts can be applied to the challenging high - rise and high - humidity environment of hong kong
  11. The ground - breaking ceremony of the teaching hotel of cuhk was held today . dr alice k y lam , chairman of the university grants committee , dr cheng yu - tung , chairman of the new world development company limited , dr lee hon - chiu , chairman of the council of cuhk , and professor arthur k c li , vice - chancellor of cuhk officiated at the ceremony
  12. Speaking at the ground - breaking ceremony for the light rail tin shui wai extensions , mr jonathan yu , kcrc director of light rail , noted that the construction of the new extensions is intended to provide a vital transport link for the rapidly developing new town in tin shui wai , where the population is expected to increase from the current 130 , 000 to 300 , 000 in 2003


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