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  1. A new method about aiming azimuth checking before launch of the ground - to - ground missile
  2. Ground - to - ground missile
  3. In october 1994 , china reaffirmed its promise and undertook the obligation of not exporting ground - to - ground missiles inherently capable of reaching a range of at least 300 kilometers with a payload of at least 500 kilograms
  4. At present , a datum plane - conversion scheme is introduced in the sight system of active ground - to - ground missile . in this scheme the datum plane of sight system is transferred from inertia combination to missile terminal , and the angle of two datum planes is measured at the technical position
  5. As the popularization and application of integrate logistics support engineering thinking at our country industry field and the military continuously , the evaluation of equipment integrate logistics support capability become the mostly means to check up the stand and fall of equipment character of supportable design , the efficiency of the equipment using supportability and the decision - making to equipment ' s continuous model development , at the same time , along with the development and maturity of computer simulation technique , the research of analysing and evaluating equipment ' s effectiveness steps into a new stage , we can get the handle and maintain data on the base of originally lasting accumulating in existence by utilizing the computer emulating technique , which is necessary to analyzing and evaluating the ground - to - ground missile ' s integrate logistics support effectiveness , via simulating the handling and maintaining process of ground - to - ground missile weapon , we can evaluate the ils effectiveness comp rehensively , impersonally , veraciously , consequently , provide decision - making gist to make the best support project
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  7. The first chapter introduced the background of researching problem , presents a common process to resolve this kinds of problem and a common procedure for this method ; the second chapter briefly presented the basic thinking of equipment ils engineering and equipment technique support , discriminate between equipment ils and equipment technique support ; in chapter 3 , we studied the basic configuration of tactics ground - to - ground missile weapon system and the work content of technique support thoroughly , established the work - flow model of tactics ground - to - ground missile technique support in combat environment ; in chapter 4 , we mostly discussed the essence content of technique support evaluation , introduced the application of tradition static evaluating methods in the aspect of evaluating the capability of tactics ground - to - ground missile technique support , such as ahp , adc and synthesis fuzzy evaluation method , and put forward the method of computer dynamic simulating evaluation ; the fifth chapter particularly introduced the design thinking and realizing method of tactics ground - to - ground missile technique support evaluation by computer dynamic simulating , in the end , give an emulation realization instance
    第二章对装备综合保障工程和装备技术保障基本思想进行了简要介绍,并对装备综合保障和技术保障进行了辨析。第三章对地地战术导弹武器的基本结构、技术保障工作内容进行了深入的分析研究,建立了地地战术导弹战时技术保障工作流程模型。第四章探讨了地地战术导弹技术保障评估的基本内容,详细介绍了诸如“ adc ” 、综合模糊评判等传统评估方法在地地战术导弹技术保障能力评估方面的应用,提出了计算机动态仿真评估的方法,并对地地战术导弹技术保障能力动态仿真评估进行了初步分析。
  8. In addition , by stating our willingness to use targeted sanctions or by actually imposing them , we have obtained china s commitment not to assist unsafeguarded nuclear facilities , and its agreement not to export ground - to - ground missiles controlled under the missile technology control regime as well as to abide by the regime s guidelines and parameters
  9. This paper principally discusses the problem of technique support effectiveness evaluation of tactics ground - to - ground ground - to - ground missile which is in serve . discusses the applications of some evaluation means in tactics ground - to - ground missile technique support evaluation , and on the base of analyzing and investigating the tactics ground - to - ground missile weapon system ' s basic configuration and technique support evaluative content and technique support work - flow in combat environment , simulate and evaluate the capability of technique support


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