gulps down造句

"gulps down"是什么意思   


  1. she watched bertha gulp down six cups of tea .
  2. when they saw me, they hastily gulped down the final sips and departed .
  3. she gulped down her sobs and was resolved to be firm
  4. the man gulp down a full stein of beer in the blink of an eye
  5. we rush home or gulp down our meals to be in time for this or that programme
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  7. we rush home or gulp down our meals to be in time for this or that program
  8. irregular meals time gulping down food is a common behaviour in a busy society like hong kong
  9. the fireman paused for a couple minutes, gulped down a cup of cold water and returned to the job of fighting the fire
  10. two-thirds of the visits were among children 2 to 5 . about 80 % of the time, it was due to kids gulping down syrups when parents weren't around
  11. within moments, i had gulped down the tempting golden dessert, and felt my body and soul, from within to without, immersed in cold sea water; the heat had vanished
  12. in a feat that put human sword swallowers to shame, a dog managed to gulp down a stick only two inches ( 5 centimetres ) shorter than its own body, and escape unscathed
  13. but the unthreshed sheaves remaining untouched seemed countless still, notwithstanding the enormous numbers that had been gulped down by the insatiable swallower, fed by the man and tess, through whose two young hands the greater part of them had passed


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