1. Many guls are quite influential, building up extensive vesala networks.
  2. GULS is the largest independent student organisation at Griffith University.
  3. Guls are the rough equivalent of Starfleet captains.
  4. Guls were historically described in the West as being elephant's foot motifs.
  5. One of the Turkoman tribes of the Beylik group, the guls in repeating rows.
  6. It's difficult to find guls in a sentence. 用guls造句挺难的
  7. GULS also represents students to the university, the legal profession and other graduate employers.
  8. These guls often contain star or ( hooked ) dragon Hans Holbein who similarly depicted Anatolian carpets also have the varieties they painted named after them.
  9. The San Francisco refugee resettlement agency that is handling the case said the Guls, who are now in Pakistan, may finally arrive later this month.
  10. Western authors have used comparison of the " design vocabulary " of tribal guls, reproduced on traditional rugs, in studying the ethnogenesis of Asian peoples.
  11. In Turkmen weavings, such as bags and rugs, guls are often repeated to form the basic pattern in the main field ( excluding the border ).
  12. Western artists including Hans Memling depicted oriental carpets from Turkish Anatolia with guls in several of his paintings, to the extent that these are known as Memling carpets.
  13. The Bharwads have numerous subgroups known as " ataks " or " guls " ( clans ) whose main purpose is to determine eligibility for marriage.
  14. The craftsmen have the capacity to produce any type of carpet using all the popular motifs of guls, medallions, paisleys ( botehs ), traceries, and geometric designs in various combinations.
  15. The Griffith University Law Society ( GULS ) is a student society which works to support law students in all aspects of their academic, personal and professional development through creativity, inclusiveness and integrity.
  16. Every year GULS runs a number of major social events, legal skills competitions, educational workshops, equity events, careers support initiatives as well as producing a variety of publications and running an established mentorship program.
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