guwahati refinery造句


  1. The Guwahati Refinery is the most important manufacturing industry in the city.
  2. Guwahati Refinery as is known was started on January 1, 1962.
  3. The INDMAX unit also enables Guwahati Refinery to upgrade all its residual products to high value distillate products and make it a zero residue Refinery.
  4. The third major corridor extends towards the east ( around 15 km from the city-center ) linking Noonmati ( Guwahati Refinery ) and Narengi, and has facilitated residential growth along it.
  5. With growing environmental consciousness, Guwahati Refinery, Indian Oil Corporation Limited has also ventured into ecologically friendly fuel and subsequently installed 3 new units : the ISOSIV, the Hydrotreater and the INDMAX . The ISOSIV unit produces Lead Free Petrol by the Molecular Sieve Technology, which separates Octane rich MS components from feed naphtha.
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