guy fawkes mask造句


  1. Guy Fawkes mask is an emblem for anti-establishment protest groups.
  2. On the surface, thousands of unarmed Londoners wearing Guy Fawkes masks march towards Parliament.
  3. On November 4, a vigilante in a Guy Fawkes mask identifying himself as " Houses of Parliament.
  4. Unlike previous Anonymous attacks, this action was characterized by 4chan memes including rickrolls and Guy Fawkes masks.
  5. He is then placed on an old chair and dressed in an old coat and Guy Fawkes mask.
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  7. He adopts the new identity, " V ", as well as dons a Guy Fawkes mask and costume.
  8. A Guy Fawkes mask is now a more iconic image of street protest than a gas mask . "
  9. On 17 November 2012 police officials in Dubai warned against wearing Guy Fawkes masks painted with the colours of the DHS.
  10. On 26 January 2012 a group of Polish politicians expressed disapproval of the treaty by holding up Guy Fawkes masks during parliamentary proceedings.
  11. Anonymous, an Internet-based group, has adopted the Guy Fawkes mask as their symbol ( in reference to an Internet meme ).
  12. As the protests continued, more protesters began opting to use the Guy Fawkes mask, which eventually took on symbolic status within the group.
  13. Many locations had further manifestations at the following weekends until " Guy-Fawkes " day since the Guy Fawkes mask had become protester fashion.
  14. He is dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask and an old coat, and escorted to the Fifth form study used by Hilton and Price.
  15. As 5 November nears, V distributes thousands of Guy Fawkes masks, and the population questions Party rule as the nation slowly descends into anarchy.
  16. The Humanity Party, a registered political party in the United States, is represented by " Anonymous . " It also uses the Guy Fawkes mask.
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