1. Hansis was the long-time coach of the Erie Panthers of the East Coast Hockey League.
  2. In the November 6th general election, Mullen defeated two independent candidates, Chris Hansis and Rich Hudson.
  3. Hansis has had guest roles on several television series and starred in the 2011 Kiss Me, Kill Me ".
  4. In 2011, Hansis guest starred in the " The Mentalist " episode " Red Is The New Black " as Derek.
  5. Hansis clarified : " We have no idea what's happening until we get the scripts, which happens about a week in advance.
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  7. Noah's romance with Luke Snyder ( Van Hansis ) was a huge hit with fans and was featured on " Entertainment Tonight ".
  8. Hansis and Silbermann cited their offscreen friendship as the reason for their ease when portraying intimate scenes between Luke and Noah . " It makes them easier.
  9. "As the World Turns " executive producer Chris Goutman stated in a WGN radio interview that Hansis and Silbermann are " both very modest actors ".
  10. At the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Randall Hansis, the dean of academic studies, said foreign students were " great on work-study ."
  11. Set in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, the series follows gay couple Cal ( Williamson ) and Thom ( Van Hansis ) as they struggle with infidelity and substance abuse.
  12. I hope I return the favor, " said Hansis . " I think we work well together and I couldn't have asked for a cooler person to play opposite.
  13. Hansis portrayed Luke Snyder on the CBS soap opera " As the World Turns " from December 14, 2005 until the show's final episode September 17, 2010.
  14. ""'Occupant " "'is a 2011 American thriller film featuring Van Hansis as Danny, a young New Yorker about to inherit an old apartment.
  15. In 2012, Hansis began starring as Thom in the dark comedy web series " EastSiders ", which explores the aftermath of infidelity on a gay couple in Silverlake, Los Angeles.
  16. When asked if they rehearse together to decide which facial expressions they will use to convey these emotions in any given scene, Hansis replied, " No . We rehearse together to make sure we have the lines right.
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