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  1. During his career he attended King George VI and later Harold Macmillan.
  2. Prime Minister's Question Time was introduced in 1961 by Conservative Harold MacMillan.
  3. He was Harold Macmillan's Parliamentary Private Secretary when Macmillan was Housing Secretary.
  4. On 26 January 1950, he married Catherine Macmillan, daughter of Harold Macmillan.
  5. She belonged to the'London Set'and was a close friend to Harold Macmillan.
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  7. Future Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was the lucky beneficiary of the vacancy.
  8. He continued in this role under Harold Macmillan and resignation honours.
  9. But Eden was replaced by Harold Macmillan, while the economy continued to improve.
  10. Only between 20 and 30 abstained, including Churchill, Eden, Cooper and Harold Macmillan.
  11. Harold Macmillan said it would " draw the admiration of the world ".
  12. Harold Macmillan was the second longest-lived, 42 days short of Callaghan.
  13. Harold Macmillan then became the first British Prime Minister to visit in 1958.
  14. Instead, a meeting was arranged with Minister of Defense Harold Macmillan.
  15. The scheme was opened by the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan on 5 December 1958.
  16. While Home Secretary Rab Butler supported the bill, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan did not.
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