1. In 2002, Harrill was diagnosed with esophogeal and stomach cancer.
  2. Harrill said he wore sunglasses and a cap over his.
  3. Harrill was far from isolated, and in fact had many visitors every year.
  4. I know every one of those little sleazeballs, " said Leslie Harrill, 51.
  5. Robert Harrill stated that he finally achieved the peace and happiness that he sought for so long.
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  7. Robert Harrill told his visitors that he was writing a book entitled " A Tyrant in Every Home ".
  8. Robert Harrill greeted as many visitors as possible and agreed to pose with them in pictures for a small fee.
  9. It was extensively studied and mapped by the University of Utah in 1962, under the direction of James Harrill.
  10. Gutierrez and former Kelly workers Jerry Stanton, Joseph Barrientes, Thomas Bocanegra and Gary Harrill were fired Jan . 3.
  11. Harrill planted a vegetable garden to supplement his diet ( what he grew and what he was able to gather in his surroundings ).
  12. The workers were wearing the pillowcases like chefs'hats when they decided to pull them down to look like terrorists, Harrill and Barrientes testified.
  13. Barrientes, Harrill, Gutierrez and Bocanegra said their supervisor, Stanton, was too busy driving and coordinating crews to realize what others in the van were doing.
  14. _The jury prize for short films was given to " Gina, An Actress, Age 29, " a 20-minute movie directed by Paul Harrill.
  15. Harrill was one of the founding members of the Okinawan Karate Union, an organization that was dedicated to the promulagation and preservation of Isshinryu Karate in the United States and abroad.
  16. In 1983, Harrill's daughters were killed, along with Angela Eggers, when the vehicle they were riding in was struck by a self defense fighting ( kumite ) techniques.
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