1. Data communication for hvac application field net . protocols
  2. Data communication for hvac application field net . objects
  3. Minimum under - graduate degree , major in havc , water supply and drainage or engineering preferred
  4. Data communication for hvac application management net . building automation and control networking bacnet
  5. Data communication for hvac application management net - system neutral data transmission by open communication for building automation
  6. It's difficult to find havc in a sentence. 用havc造句挺难的
  7. Cold air distribution with ice storage for air - conditioning is a new technology to make balance of the electric supply and to reduce the running cost of system . this technology has been becoming the standard in havc in the world
  8. Zhejiang xinyu fittings co . , ltd is the manufacture specialized in producing and exporting the havc plumbing products , including the copper fittings , brass fittings , pex fittings , sprinkle heads , air - condition and refrigeration spare parts
    浙江诸暨主要产品系列为紫铜管件黄铜管件空调配件及制冷配件,公司通过iso9001 2000质量体系认证产品主要销售国内并远销东南亚北美欧洲中东市场。
  9. Its realization ensures the network of auto test industrial scene , ist , havc , ia etc . these technologies shall change the original method of industrial measurement and realize also fault - diagnosis
    它们的实现为工业现场的自动化测量, ist (网络传感器技术) 、 hvac (家庭环境自动控制) 、 ia (信息家电) 、环境自动监测、智能小区管理等的internet化提供了技术保证,这些技术,将会改变传统的工业测试方法、快速精密测量及故障诊断。
  10. Results of the research indicate that the system operation cost has been in a large measure reduced by utilizing the intelligent technology in the optimization of the direct - fired absorption chillers using water - lithium bromide as refrigerant . therefore , intelligent technology is practically of great use in hvac systems
  11. A new static hybrid layered voltage control model has been set up . in this way static layered management management and control of voltage are realized , the proposed static hybrid automatic voltage control ( havc ) system and the methods are proved to be effective by the results of computer simulation research done by wscc - 9 system in the paper
    最后,将混成控制系统的理念和方法引入电力系统静态电压控制的仿真研究,建立静态混成自动电压控制( havc )模型,实现系统的静态电压分层调节和控制。以wscc - 9节点系统为例进行计算机仿真研究验证,证明了静态混成自动电压控制系统的有效性。
  12. However , because of the relatively short period of its domestic development , and limitations of its techniques , the operation cost of the units is quite high . as a result , the energy conservation and optimal control of direct - fired absorption chillers using waterlithium bromide as refrigerant becomes a hot topic in the research area of havc communities


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